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Elnur Gajiev, PsyD

Psychologist       Poet       Educator


 Hi there,

I’m Dr. Elnur Gajiev—better known by most as Dr. El, or simply as El.

I am a psychologist, a poet, and an educator. 

I serve by providing online counseling services, coaching, and consultation to individuals and collectives.

I weave together poetry, art, mindfulness, movement, and neuroscience in my approach to facilitate reflection, connection, empowerment, and growth.

I believe in cultivating the unique wisdoms within each of us so that we may move through life's peaks and valleys with a sense of integrity, intentionality, flexibility, and love.

I also believe in making mental & holistic health more accessible, acceptable, and appealing for all. 

And, I love poetry — a lot. I've found that it can catalyze and sustain truly beautiful transformations.

If this all sounds like a good fit for you, let's connect and explore just what we can create together.

Thank you kindly,

Dr. El

Dr. Elnur Gajiev
Image by Amanpreet Deol

To learn more about my story, my journey,
& my purpose, please read more here.

Image by Álvaro Serrano

In addition to online counseling services, poetry can serve as a looking glass, a mirror, a window, or a mosaic of our inner worlds. Poetry holds the power to unlock and transform our understandings, our actions, and our ways of being in our lives. As a poet and a psychologist, the poetic influence is integral in the transformative work that I share in with clients.



"I began working with Dr. El at an extremely difficult time in my life. What I found in Dr. El is someone safe who I could reflect into. He helped me find stillness and gently nudged me to turn inward and learn from my own reflections. He patiently nurtured and inspired a new practice for me in creative writing that has become an incredibly potent tool. I appreciate his expansive curiosity and his reflections that tend to make poetry of my stories. Our talks have catalyzed some of my biggest personal transformations, and I attribute that to his skills in attentive, nuanced listening and his loving, supportive presence."
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Nicki M.

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