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What to Expect

For those interested in Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting, this page will provide a guide to the outline & flow of our work together.


PreSession: Getting to Know You

Prior to our first session together, I'll share with you a brief Getting to Know You form, which will help us truly begin well by providing the necessary color and context of your life. You'll also receive my Practice & Consent policies, clarifying shared expectations for our work together. Please note that any and all information you share with me is kept 100% confidential.


I like to begin our sessions with a simple mindfulness practice, which can build over time. This allows us to transition into our time together with intention & purpose, and demarcate our meeting from the various others you may have in your day. From there, we move into the heart of our session by focusing on what’s most vital to assess, explore, & evolve. This may take many forms — from the traditional exchange of words to somatic experiencing (building awareness of bodily sensations) to various expressive modalities (poetry, art, writing, etc.) — and may shift from session to session to best serve our dynamic aims and goals. As we wrap up our session, we take time to distill the wisdoms, insights, and takeaways that may in turn be infused into your life in the days and the moments to come.


Following our sessions, I compose and share our unique Seeds of Growth: tailor-fit reflections that emerged from our time together to further support your growth in the moments between our sessions. These reflections may involve practices to cultivate, poetry to read, write, & embrace, and potential recommendations for additional resources that may nurture your continued growth.

Session Specifics

I greatly value the work we do and the time we choose to commit to bringing your vision to life. As such, my hourly session rate is $250. Sessions tend to be an hour in length, though we may choose to meet for longer or shorter depending on what aligns best for you. We can also determine the frequency of our sessions based on your emerging needs and adapt accordingly. Lastly, please note that, at present, all sessions are held virtually via a secure video platform.

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