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As a clinician, coach, and consultant, I offer distinct services aligned with the emerging needs my clients bring into our work together. You can learn more about each service below to see which aligns best for you at this time.



Empowering one-on-one coaching & counseling session with Dr. El, fostering personal breakthroughs.

Counseling tends to fit best when we’ve been experiencing significant emotional and mental health challenges that we're struggling to resolve on our own or through our immediate support networks — friends, family, etc.

I often relate it to a knot that’s formed within us that we can't quite reach by ourselves, so we turn to someone with the expertise and perspective that can help us regain freedom and mobility.

Over time, we experience varying levels of insight, integration, and healing, eventually shifting our focus toward sustaining our well-being for the long term.


Coaching empowers us to purposefully pursue our goals across various aspects of life, such as health, career, relationships, creativity, and navigating transitions.

It involves a personalized approach, refining our skills, habits, and strategies to resonate with our core values, gifts, and unfolding strengths.

The accountability provided in coaching ensures a partnership where victories and setbacks are shared, offering support and guidance to stay aligned with the central principles of the lives we're designing.

Empowering one-on-one coaching & counseling session with Dr. El, fostering personal breakthroughs.


Dr. El strategizing with entrepreneurs, optimizing business growth, efficiency, & sustainable wellness..

Consulting is ideal for those of us in leadership positions seeking to expand growth, reach, and impact by infusing innovation and sustainability into our operations and culture.

It focuses on clarifying organizational objectives, enhancing communication, and fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive without barriers.

This approach is tailored to empower teams and leaders to align their actions with their mission and drive meaningful change within their communities and the broader ecosystem they serve.

Speaking & Teaching

Lastly, I have a profound passion for captivating audiences through dynamic speaking and immersive, interactive workshops. I greatly enjoy harnessing the art of storytelling, the timeless wisdom of folklore, and the evocative power of metaphor to ignite inspired responses from audiences and organizers.

My experience spans a spectrum of venues, from intimate local forums to grand stages at international symposiums. It's my continual aspiration to engage with communities, sharing knowledge and sparking inspiration wherever I go.

Dr. El engaging a captivated audience at the Creative Psychology Symposium, an innovative event.
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