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As a clinician, coach, and consultant, I offer distinct services aligned with the emerging needs that individuals and collectives bring when we first connect. You can learn more about each service below to see which aligns best with your needs at this time.

How I Serve



Counseling tends to fit best when we’ve been experiencing significant emotional and mental health challenges, which we simply cannot resolve on our own or through our immediate support networks — friends, family, etc.

I often relate it to a knot that’s formed within us that we can’t seem to loosen up on our own. And so, we turn to someone who has the perspective and expertise to help us free up more space so we can move through transitions with greater mobility, flexibility, & buoyancy.

After some time, we begin to feel better in various ways, often experiencing different levels of insight, integration, & healing. This is when Counseling can shift to focus more on the sustainability of our well-being over the long term.


Coaching helps us focus on intentionally moving towards deliberate aims & aspirations in a given domain—health, career, relationships, creativity, or overall life design.


Taking a more nuanced and bespoke approach through Coaching guides us to finetune our skills, habits, strengths, and strategies to align with what matters most to us.


Additionally, the accountability of Coaching lets us share our victories and our challenges with a dedicated partner, who can bolster us when needed and reorient us toward the central principles for the lives we are crafting.




Online consulting fits best for those of us in leadership positions within social enterprises who are seeking to embolden greater growth, broader reach, and deeper impact through integrating innovation, intentionality, and sustainability into our internal systems, external services, and overall community culture.

The key aims of online consulting are to clarify the key purposes and pursuits of our organizational teams, to improve the lines of communication, and to curate a space where creativity and innovation can truly flourish without constraint or limitation.


If you are interested in bringing together our unique approaches, energies, ideals, and skills in service of creating something of enrichment and empowerment for the communities we serve, and the world at large, then let’s connect!

Collaborating tends to work best when we bring a mutual vision to the table — one that we can continue to distill into a tangible and coherent experience for us to learn and grow through as creators ourselves, and one that can increasingly meet the needs of those we have the opportunity to impact.

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Speaking & Workshops

Lastly, I have a penchant for inspiring audiences through talks and workshops, particularly by weaving storytelling, accessible folklore, and poignant poetry to bring forth an impassioned response from all those in attendance.


I have had the privilege of doing so in numerous contexts and settings, extending from local gatherings to international conferences, and am always eager to continue to serve in this manner as well. 

Learn more about what to expect before, during, & after our sessions. 

Learn more about how I integrate poetry & writing into these services.

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