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Curriculum Vitae

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Elnur "El" Gajiev, PsyD

Psychologist | Educator | Consultant


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August 2017

August 2014

August 2011

January 2011

University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) — Clinical Psychology

Denver, CO

University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Master of Arts (M.A.) — Clinical Psychology

Denver, CO

Fordham University
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) — Psychology, Minor in Philosophy
New York, NY

Universidad Pablo de Olavide
International Studies
Sevilla, Spain

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Work Experience

July 2019 – Present

July 2019 – Present

Jan 2023 – Present

Jan 2021 – Oct 2022

Jun. 2020 – Oct. 2020

Dec. 2019 – Dec. 2020

Sept. 2017 – Oct. 2019

July 2016 – Aug. 2017

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Sept. 2014 – June 2016

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Sept. 2012 – June 2016

Aug. 2014 – July 2015

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Jan. 2013 – Aug. 2014

Oct. 2012 – Aug. 2013

Aug. 2011 – Mar. 2012

Aug. 2011 – Mar. 2012

Aug. 2011 – Mar. 2012

Together Wellness Collective | Miami, FL & New York, NY — Psychologist & Consultant

  • Lead counseling and coaching sessions, employing a unique blend of introspective and connective strategies to foster personal growth and transformative empowerment.

  • Offer consulting services to businesses and organizations seeking to effect meaningful, measurable, and sustainable social change through collaboration and partnership.

  • Design and guide Creative Psychology sessions to nurture self-expression, self-efficacy, self-compassion, and self-mastery in individual, family, and group settings.

  • Facilitate a range of dynamic events from workshops to retreats, tailored to expand awareness & engagement in holistic health practices and the collective pursuit of wellness.

Wellness Coach & Consultant — Spain Abroad | Estepona, Spain

  • Strategize and deliver tailored wellness interventions to international clientele in a multicultural environment conducive to personal growth and collective well-being.

  • Consult with individuals and organizations to implement wellness programming focused on integrative health, emphasizing balance in physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Drive the expansion of the program’s wellness and coaching facets into innovative, creative avenues, fostering community integration amidst the cultural richness of Spain.

Fulbright Scholar | Baku, Azerbaijan — Khazar University and A.D.A. University

  • Spearheaded an innovative project to explore and integrate traditional Azerbaijani artistic modalities into therapeutic practices, culminating in the development of culturally relevant and reverent therapeutic programs for community enrichment.

  • Delivered a comprehensive suite of academic courses across various educational tiers, from undergraduate to post-graduate, specializing in Expressive Therapies, Leadership, Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and The Psychology of Business & Management.

  • Cultivated a robust collaborative network encompassing academic, artistic, diplomatic, and financial domains, facilitating a series of high-impact initiatives including seminars, trainings, workshops, and retreats focused on the intersection of the arts, global health, and wellness.

  • Orchestrated Azerbaijan's inaugural Creative Psychology Symposium, successfully convening a diverse assembly of over 700 artists, academics, psychologists, students, and researchers dedicated to the advancement of creative therapeutic disciplines.

Pace Groups Inc. | San Francisco, CA — Associate Director, Training & Community

  • Developed and managed systems for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding counselors and coaches to serve as contracted Facilitators for virtual groups designed to promote emotional connection, growth, and support across North America.

  • Created and implemented a/synchronous training and enrichment programming.

  • Coordinated with community partners to expand member pipeline, promote equitable access & representation, refine user experience, and improve matching processes.

  • Collaborated with PR firms to create marketing content, driving increased enrollment.

  • Led multiple, concurrent, online groups for members and for group Facilitators.

First Light Wilderness | Clayton, GA — Primary Therapist & Program Consultant

  • Developed and implemented therapeutic programming for start-up outdoor behavioral health program based upon trauma-informed interventions, experiential educational practices, and biopsychosocial frameworks to meet the comprehensive health needs of youth and families.

  • Provided individual, group, and family counseling and coaching services to adolescents, young adults, and families through integrative treatment modalities.

  • Established and facilitated trainings for onboarding clinicians, frontline behavioral health specialists, and fellow providers to support evidence-based treatment.

  • Engaged in ongoing marketing aims to broaden reach of services, prospecting referral partners, designing and leading workshops and webinars, developing multimodal web-based content, and collaborating with expanding network of wellness providers.

University of Hawai'i, Hawai'ii CC | Hilo, HI — Lecturer

  • Provided didactic and experiential-based learning to students enrolled in university-level Psychology and Social Science courses.

  • Designed, developed, and delivered course content utilizing various methods and platforms, spanning synchronous and asynchronous online systems.

  • Collaborated with colleagues to enhance collective teaching methodologies.

  • Maintained office hours to connect, engage, and support students with diverse needs.

Pacific Quest | Na'alehu, HI — Primary Therapist

  • Provided individual, group, and family psychotherapy services to adolescent and young adult students in a residential treatment program based in neurosequential, horticultural, and Rite of Passage therapeutic models.

  • Established clinical treatment goals and objectives, conducted biopsychosocial diagnostic assessments, guided intervention implementations, and provided crisis support as part of a holsitic healthcare team of providers.

  • Led didactic trainings for frontline staff and non-specialist providers in order to best support efficacious treatment of a broad range of clinical presentations.

  • Coordinated continuum of care of youth and families through ongoing collaboration with referring providers, external treatment teams, and agencies involved in care.

Department of Education, KKP Complex, Hawai’i Psychology Internship Consortium (APA-Accredited) | Ka’u-Kea’au-Pahoa Complex, HI — Clinical Psychology Intern

  • Provided behavioral and mental health services to public school students from preschool to 12th grade, demonstrating a wide range of social and emotional needs.

  • Conducted comprehensive psychological assessments to further inform families, school personnel, and multiple agencies about students’ strengths and challenges.

  • Aided in the programming, implementation, and instruction of social-emotional curriculum in highly structured, behaviorally focused classroom settings.

  • Provided consultation and supervision to faculty and administration of numerous public schools throughout the district, as well as state-wide health service agencies.

  • Planned and disseminated evidence-based strategies to improve comprehensive community mental health initiatives as part of HI-AWARE grant committee.

Saint Joseph Hospital, Cancer Centers of Colorado | Denver, CO — Clinical Extern

  • Provided psychotherapy to patients undergoing radiation, infusion, and chemotherapy.

  • Connected clients and family members to culturally appropriate community resources.

  • Collaborated with multidisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, chaplains, and psychologists to develop and implement treatment plans.

  • Conducted rounds in inpatient oncology department and worked with physicians to provide optimal care for patients in intensive treatment.

Colorado Neuropsychology Services | Boulder, CO — Doctoral Extern

  • Conducted neuropsychological assessments, including evaluations of functional deficits from traumatic brain injuries, autism-spectrum disorders, dementia screens, personality testing, and gifted-and-talented testing.

  • Aided clients recovering from brain injuries retrain and adapt to post-injury life.

  • Coordinated service programs with multiple agencies within the community, including Department of Health, Department of Education, and Child Welfare Services.

University of Colorado, School of Medicine | Aurora, CO — Communication Trainer

  • Taught patient-centered techniques utilizing the Cambridge Calgary Assessment Tool to first- and second-year medical students enrolled in a longitudinal skills course.

  • Instructed students on open-ended inquiry, empathy, and data gathering methods with diverse exercises using standardized patient encounters.

Developing Aurora’s Wellness Network (DAWN) Clinic | Aurora, CO Clinical Extern

  • Treated uninsured patients at student-run, integrated, free primary care clinic servicing low-income and underserved communities.

  • Conducted mental health evaluations for broad range of patients, created integrative treatment plans, and collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to deliver care.

  • Developed processes at clinic to streamline the delivery of primary care and improve quality of care for patients.

Rocky Mountain Association of Behavioral Science | Denver, CO Board, Treasurer

  • Served on Board of regional non-profit organization to develop and promote contextual behavioral sciences, including third wave cognitive behavioral therapies.

  • Managed organization’s finances and marketing, and organized annual regional conferences with over 150 members and distinguished international visiting speakers.

Rocky Mountain Association of Behavioral Science | Denver, CO Board, Treasurer

  • Served on Board of regional non-profit organization to develop and promote contextual behavioral sciences, including third wave cognitive behavioral therapies.

  • Managed organization’s finances and marketing, and organized annual regional conferences with over 150 members and distinguished international visiting speakers.

Mustaches for Mental Health, Inc. | Denver, CO Co-Founder

  • Founded non-profit organization to provide access to resources, destigmatize, and expand awareness of boys’ and men’s mental health issues.

  • Led numerous talks, seminars, and workshops to facilitate dialogues about the cause.

Professional Psychology Clinic | Denver, CO Psychology Trainee

  • Provided individual and family psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment in a training clinic to diverse community of patients, including children, adults, and elderly.

Aurora Mental Health Center | Aurora, CO Clinical Extern

  • Performed comprehensive diagnostic intakes, neuropsychological assessments, and individual psychotherapy to patients at an integrated community mental health center.

  • Treated breadth of mental health needs, from mild depression to severe psychosis. 

  • Developed and led goal-oriented psychoeducational therapy groups for clients and caregivers, including weekly Poetry Therapy groups.

Porter Adventist Hospital, Kids Alive! Colorado | Denver, CO Program Facilitator

  • Counseled and led support groups for children of parents diagnosed with cancer.

  • Conducted research study analyzing children’s post-traumatic growth and presented findings at affiliated university’s Annual Research and Performance Summit.

Alternative Behavior Counseling, Inc. | Lakewood, CO D.O.C. Treatment Provider

  • Treated court-ordered patients in individual and group psychotherapy sessions addressing issues of domestic violence, substance abuse, and relapse prevention.

  • Led weekly parenting, anger management, and cognitive behavioral therapy groups.
    Connected victims of domestic violence to various community advocacy resources.

The FIRE Within | Denver, CO Program Volunteer

  • Facilitated a yearlong, classroom-based program for high school students that applied entrepreneurial strategies to foster mental health awareness and suicide prevention.
    Enhanced students’ knowledge and attitudes about mental health issues and improved community’s ability to seek appropriate help via referrals and helplines.

Trauma and Recovery Clinic | Denver, CO D.O.C. Treatment Provider

  • Supported the development of a framework for a start-up community clinic to treat effects of trauma, violence, prolonged stress, and abuse.

  • Managed clinic’s various administrative duties during initial year of opening, while providing ongoing trauma-informed psychotherapy to clients.

  • Coordinated with various mental health and referral agencies to hire licensed psychologists within community to supervise student therapists.

JasminBalance Psychotherapy | New York, NY Workshop Coordinator

  • Created and led mental health workshops, guided meditations, and instructive seminars using psychotherapeutic tools to overcome obstacles and achieving deeper fulfillment.

Urban Psychiatry, P.C. | Brooklyn, NY Clinical Intern

  • Evaluated psychiatrist’s treatment notes and prepared reports outlining patients’ clinical diagnoses, prescription regimens, and treatment plans.

  • Implemented HIPAA-verified, web-based patient information management system.

Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | Brooklyn, NY Instructor

  • Taught martial arts to children, adults, and special needs students.

  • Helped students achieve holistic short-term and long-term health goals.

  • Organized community events to promote physical and mental well-being and provide resources on healthy approaches to overcoming life challenges.

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Publications, Presentations, & Media

  • Gajiev, E. (Speaker) & Boner, P (Host). (2021, September). Poetry as Therapy and Pacing Connection & Support w/ Dr. Elnur Gajiev. It’s Hard Podcast.

  • Gajiev, E. (2021, August). The Spoken Word: An Exploration of the Psychological Factors Involved in the Practice of Writing and Performing Spoken Word Poetry. Journal of Poetry Therapy, In Press.


  • Gajiev, E. (2021, May). Spoken-Word Poetry Therapy for At-Risk Youth & Adolescents. Workshop presented at 2021 Expressive Therapies Summit.


  • Gajiev, E. (Speaker) & Gerlach, T (Host). (2021, May). Mindful Mornings at Sunrise: Dr. Elnur Gajiev. Mindful Mornings at Sunrise, Episode 7.


  • Gajiev, E. & Gold, R. (2021, April). Pongo Poetry Project: Written & Spoken Word to Heal Trauma in Vulnerable Populations. Workshop presentation at the 2021 Spring Expressive Therapies Summit.


  • Gajiev, E. (2021, April). The Spoken Word: Inviting Poetry into Therapy, Practice & Life. Workshop Presentation for the Hawai’i Psychological Association Grand Rounds.


  • Gajiev, E. & Gold, R. (2021, April). Writing from The Heart: The Pongo Method for Therapeutic Poetry with At-Risk Youth and Other Vulnerable Populations. Workshop at the 2021 National Association for Poetry Therapy Conference.


  • Gajiev, E. (Speaker) & Harrison, K (Host). (2021, March). Grace, Wild Poetry, & Something a Bit Different w/ Elnur Gajiev. Get Wild Podcast.


  • Gajiev, E. (2020, August). Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) in Outdoor Behavioral Health. Workshop presentation for the faculty of First Light Wilderness Therapy, Clayton, GA.


  • Gajiev, E. (2019, April). The Community Resiliency Model. Workshop presentation for Pacific Quest, Hilo, HI.


  • Gajiev, E. (2017, August). Exploring the Psychological Factors Involved in Writing and Performing Spoken Word Poetry. Workshop presentation at the 2017 National Poetry Slam, Denver, CO.


  • Gajiev, E. (2017, January). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Didactics presentation for the intern cohorts and faculty of the Hawai’i Psychological Internship Consortium and I Ola Lahui Integrated Behavioral Health.


  • Gajiev, E. (2016, October). The ACT Matrix: A Simpler Way to Move with Psychological Flexibility. Workshop presentation at the Hawai’i Psychological Association 2016 Convention, Honolulu, HI.


  • Gajiev, E., & Moreno, I. (2016, October). Therapeutic Assessment: The Prospect of Intervention Through Assessment. Poster presentation at the Hawai’i Psychological Association 2016 Convention, Honolulu, HI.


  • Gajiev, E., Perkel, M. J., Hart, L., Meyer, L., Kluger, S., Egan S., & Mallory, J. (2016, August). Kids Alive Colorado: Understanding the Effects of a Support Group on Children's Anxiety & Post-Traumatic Stress. Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association 2016 Convention, Denver, CO.


  • Gajiev, E., & Pearson-Mauro, A. (2015, October). Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Self-Care for Practitioners. Workshop presentation at the Regional Conference of the Rocky Mountain Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, Salt Lake City, UT.




  • Gajiev, E. (2015, July). Mustaches for Mental Health: A Novel Vision for Breaking the Silence of Stigma & Redefining Masculinity. Ignite session presentation at the 13th Annual World Conference of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, Berlin, Germany.


  • Gajiev, E., & Procter, W. (2015, January). Mustaches for Mental Health: A Novel Vision for Breaking the Silence of Stigma & Redefining Masculinity. Poster session presentation at the 2nd Annual Graduate Research and Performance Summit of the University of Denver: Building Bridges Across The Disciplines, Denver, CO. Abstract retrieved from


  • Gajiev, E., & Perkel, M. (2015, January). Kids Alive: Understanding the Effects of a Support Group on Children’s Posttraumatic Growth and Stress. Poster session presentation at the 2nd Annual Graduate Research and Performance Summit of the University of Denver: Building Bridges Across The Disciplines, Denver, CO. Abstract retrieved from


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Licenses, Honors, & Awards

  • Fulbright U.S. Scholar Fellowship, Azerbaijan

  • Licensure as Psychologist attained in the State of New York (Lic. #024060)

  • Accredited Provider by National Register of Health Psychologists

  • Licensure as Psychologist attained in the State of Hawai’i (Lic. #1772)

  • Candidacy Attained for Licensed Professional Counselor (State of Colorado)

  • Green Belt, Cetshwayo-Kempo Systems

  • Black Belt, Shotokan Karate

  • Blue Belt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Presidential Scholarship Award, Fordham University

  • Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology

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Affiliations & Memberships

  • Faculty Member of Hawai’i Psychology Internship Consortium (HI-PIC)

  • Member: National Association for Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP)

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee Board Member

  • Member: Hawai’i Psychological Association (HPA), Board Member

  • Member: National Poetry Therapy Association

  • Member: Movement for Global Mental Health

  • Member: American Psychological Association (APA), Div 13 Member

  • Board of Directors: Rocky Mountain Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

  • Philanthropy Chair: Graduate School Association of Professional Psychology

  • Member: Colorado Psychological Association

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Community Service

  • Pongo Poetry Project

  • The American Red Cross, Disaster Services Response Team

  • Kua O Ka Lā Charter School, Lava Flow Response Team

  • Fundación Humanitaria Costarricense (Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation)

  • La Choza Chula

  • Children’s Tumor Foundation

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 

  • Childhood Cancer Society and New York Cares

  • God's Love We Deliver

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  • English: Fluent

  • Russian: Advanced

  • Spanish: Intermediate

  • Azerbaijani: Heritage Language

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